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Imtmedical (Vyaire Medical) bellavista®

The key to an exceptional user experience is the display. imtmedical’s bellavista® 1000e has an excellent, brilliant, high resolution 17.3” capacitive glass touchscreen. The screen allows you to have a clear and detailed overview of numbers and curves at a glance, even in complex and challenging work situations. Working, touching and swiping with the capacitive screen feels natural and comfortable right from the first touch.

The 1000e is a universal ventilator, applicable from neonatal to adult ventilation. The unique user interface supports you in your daily challenges in the ICU and intermediate care, regardless of your need to ventilate invasive or noninvasive. The adaptive mode AVM helps you to reduce workload and shortens the weaning process. High Flow Oxygen Therapy completes our non invasive experience and with the Lung Recruitment Tool you are able to assess and determine optimal PEEP, lung recruit ability and recruitment strategy. 

For more information please contact our Customer Experience Team at 1-800-265-5494