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Vyaire Medical (formerly Carefusion) manufactures more than 27,000 unique products for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of respiratory conditions in every stage of life. Trudell Medical Marketing Limited is proud to partner with Vyaire Medical™ to offer the following products.
Respiratory Diagnostic/CPET:
  • Vmax® Pulmonary and Metabolic Systems
  • Jaeger™ Pulmonary and Metabolic Systems
  • Vyntus Products
    • Vmax Vyntus™ Spiro
    • Vyntus Walk
    • Vyntus Body
    • Vmax Vyntus™ CPX
  • Micro Medical
  • Avea®
  • Bird™ Blenders
  • Vela®
  • 3100
  • Infant Flow® SiPAP System
Patient Monitoring/Management:
  • Enflow® Fluid Warming System
  • GE accessories
  • Vital Signs® Portfolio
Please direct inquires or questions through our dedicated Vyaire Medical™ phone line or email address.
Toll Free: 1-866-630-6699