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In collaboration with Perfuse Medtec Inc., Trudell Medical Marketing Limited is introducing the geko™ device to Canadian hospitals. The wearable geko™ device is an innovative muscle pump activator. The self-contained gekoTM device is wrist watch sized, weighs just 10 gm, wireless, battery powered and is applied externally to the leg just below the knee. When activated, the painless small electrical impulses stimulate the common peroneal nerve activating foot and lower leg muscles, increasing blood circulation up to 60% of that achieved by walking1.

Trudell Medical Marketing Limited is making this introduction following outstanding results using the geko™ device for wound healing in Long Term Care and Home Care. Post-operative edema is a challenging outcome of surgery. Recent results from a large randomized controlled renal/pancreatic transplant trial conducted at London Health Sciences Centre will be reported in May 2018.