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Air-Oxygen Blenders and Helium-Oxygen Blenders

Air-Oxygen Medical Blender
Air-Oxygen Medical Blender
Helium Oxygen Blender
Air-Oxygen Medical Blender

High-Flow and Low-Flow Air-Oxygen Blenders

Precision Medical’s air-oxygen blenders offer unparalleled flexibility, safety, and value.

The PM5300 series of low-flow air-oxygen blenders are ideal for NICU and PICU settings. This series delivers FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 0-30 L/min.

The PM5200 series of high-flow air-oxygen blenders are intended for use in ER departments, Adult ICUs, ORs, and labor and delivery. It delivers FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 2-120 L/min.

Key Features – Air-Oxygen Blenders

  • Modular and fully customizable.
  • Multiple accessories available for suiting various clinical applications.
  • Simple preventative maintenance.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.

Helium Oxygen Blender – HeliO2

The HeliO2 Helium-Oxygen Blender is the only freestanding pneumatic HeliO2 blending device on the market today. The ability to turn the bleed control collar ON or OFF provides ± 3% FiO2 accuracy as well as quieter operation and maximal heliox tank durations.

Available in four models, High-Flow 80/20 or 70/30, and Low-Flow 80/20 or 70/30.

Key Features – Helium Oxygen Blender

  • Freestanding pneumatic helium oxygen blender.
  • Modular and customizable.
  • Multiple accessories available to cater to various clinical applications.

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